• Do not claim my creations as your own.
  • Do not use parts of my creations for other ones.
  • Do not make money off my creations.
  • No re-uploading, modifying or anything else.
  • Age conversions are allowed with proper credits.
  • Conversions to Sims 2 and Sims 3 are allowed with proper credits.
  • No conversions to other games besides the Sims series.
    (YES I mean Second Life, Roblox, etc. Don’t do it, I don’t want you to.)
  • No recolors.

  • Do you take requests?
    No. I do take suggestions.
  • Do you share your sims?
  • Is your CC HQ-compatible?
    Yes, except some very old CC. You can use the HQ converter to make all CC compatible with HQ games.
  • Do you use the HQ mod?
  • What is your Origin ID?
  • The CC is not showing up.
  • Update your game, or redownload the item.
  • What makeup, skins, eyebrows, eyes or tattoos do you use?
    Only my own, without exception.

  • What is the difference between overlay and other skins?- Overlay skintones adapt the basic EA colors, they look a little bit flatter with details because they have the same tone all over.
    - Skintones cover the EA skin up, they come with their own color palette. Most of my skintones have a little bit of transparency, so you can change the color slightly with the base EA tones.
  • What skins work with basegame makeup and tattoos?All overlay skintones, the tattoos or makeup have to be edited themselves (set the CompositionMethod in Sims4Studio to 0) to be compatible with other kinds of skins.
  • Do your makeup or tattoos work with all skins?
    Yes they do, they work on any skin.
  • Why is the face shine/blush looking blocky around other makeup?Use a skintone that is covering with color all over (not overlays which only adapt)
  • How do the heterochromia eyes work?
    Choose the base color of the eyes at the eye color category, then the second different eye color under facepaint.
  • The heterochromia eye color looks glitchy/is covered with something else
    You’re using a piece of CC that shares the same texture space (bracelet texture). The game can only render one, so it conflicts. Remove the other piece of CC and then the eye should look normal. Also make sure you’re using the matching eyes in the non-default EA eye color category.

  • How do I relocate CC? I want a piece in another category.
  • >HERE< is a tutorial by me how to swap categories.
  • How can I create CC? WCIF some tutorials?
  • Check out Sims4Studio forums, you can learn there about everything that is needed.

Thank you. If there is anything else, just drop me a message @ tumblr or twitter.