Hi guys ♥ I'm back with a new makeup collection, something fresh with a little twist, which is very good fitting for spring & upcoming summer! Included are 8 new items, which are all combinable in several ways due to the big color & variation selection.

Trance Eyebrows N171 // Thick, fluffy and natural eyebrows in 52 colors. Revêrie Eyebrows N172 // Thin, subtle and natural eyebrows in 52 colors.
Butterfly's Dance Eyeshadow N93 // Shimmery-glittery eyeshadow. 80 swatches available. 40 colors, all with eyecrease or monolid support. Butterfly's Temptation Eyeliner N119 // Eyeliner with double wing and inner corner accents. Comes in 15 different variations.
Heaven Eyes N177 // Expressive, glowing eyes in 100 colors. Ocean Eyes N178 // Shiny, shimmery eyes in 60 colors.
Vivacity Lips N230 // Creamy, glossy lips, available in 30 colors. Tender Lips N231 // Soft & subtle lips, available in 30 colors

Pictures were taken with HQ mod. Available for female+male, teen-elder. All colors for every item (except the eyebrows) can be adjusted ingame with the hue/opacity/brightness/saturation sliders.

Hope you enjoy!~ 

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Public release: 07.06.2021 (7th June 2021)