Hello everyone, I have a new huge project finally finished! I always wanted to make a monocle, but as you can see, I quite... escalated here with my ideas, so it took me muuuch longer than I initially planned to finish. It was so worth it though, as I love this collection. Due to the huge variations available, it is quite versatile as it can be combined in tons of ways, and fits to everything from posh, royal, goth, alternative, fantasy, etc...

Included are 12 items:

  • 8 monocles: 4 style versions, all available for the left and right eye. 60 colors for each one (15 metal colors & 4 glass colors). Polycount ranges from 1200-2000 depending on the version of the monocle. Under glasses category.
  • 2 chain addons: 2 versions (left and right), available in the same 15 metal colors. Polycount for the chain only itself is 3200. Under earrings category. 1 Crystal color addon & 1 ombre tip color addon: To be used with the monocles & can be combined with each other. 15 colors for both items. Main color is under socks category, Ombre color is under gloves category.

All items are for female+male, teen-elder. HQ compatible, pics also taken with it.

Hope you enjoyyy ♡

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Public release: 23.04.2021 (23rd April 2021)