Helloooo~ ♡ In anticipation to the upcoming comeback from ATEEZ, I absolutely had to recreate something from their teaser pics. In this case, this extravagant piercing that Yunho wore totally catched my eye. It's a lip ring made out of a chain, and has some nice ornaments attached.

The lip ring comes in 2 sizes (small & big), so it works with almost all lip shapes, and the movements while talking, eating, etc... are super smooth. 15 colors (including some oilslick variants which I absolutely love), for female+male / teen-elder. Under general jewelry category, can be combined with most other accessories thanks to that. HQ compatible, pics also taken with it.

Hope you like ittt (✧ω✧)

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Public release: 10.03.2021 (10th March 2021)