Finally I've finished a project that I've had in my mind for sooo long now T_T It's these adorable horns, this whole week I worked a LOT on those, but it was worth it, as I am very satisfied with them~ I love the shape, style, the size (not too small or too large), color selection, customization options, versatility, etc, again I am super proud with how they turned out. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do (❤ω❤)

There's 13 packages included:
- 1 solid horn accessory (under hats), 100 colors.
- 1 ombre overlay addon (under gloves), 100 colors.
- 1 split overlay addon (under socks), 100 colors.
All of these ones are combinable with each other. There's literally countless options to be creative with them!

- 10 neon horn accessories (under hats), all with individual colors. They glow at night/in the darkness! It's such a pretty effect. ;_;
Due to the glowing effect they have to be seperate packages, as there's no way for them to glow without overriding color.

All are for female+male, teen-elder. HQ compatible, pics also taken with it.

DOWNLOAD (Patreon)

Public release: 25.03.2021 (25th March 2021)