All my eyes!! Phew, they are a lot... Here are 232 files all together, swatch numbers not even counted.  (°◡°♡) Of course these here are all fixed up too, unmerged, improved, and so on...
These here come all in numerous versions, for female and male sims, toddler-elder. Almost all eyes are under the facepaint category, a few of them also come in default or non default versions (says it in the file name too btw, they're extremely easy to identify thanks to my new and better sorting system), or heterochromic versions aswell. Very few of the eye replacements (cat, dog, alien and vampire ones) only work with their respective EP's, but this also says it in the filename. Non-replacement versions of these eyes work in all games except the pet ones cause they don't exist in the basegame at all.
Pictures are taken with HQ mod, also almost all eyes works with it except some of the very old ones. I left these like this, so the texture won't look different than it used to. You can convert them to HQ with the HQ converter if you like to use them in a HQ game.
I hope you'll enjoy these~

Public release: 09.10.2019 (9th October 2019)